Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sydney's "big girl" Room

As I promised, I am sharing the before/after pictures of my latest project!!

We finally came to the point that we needed to get Syd into her "big girl" bed. She turned 3 in May and was still in her crib. We finally got rid of her binky at age 3 and so this is the next step to her becoming a big girl. It is so hard now because she is waking in the middle of the night and needs to potty. She doesn't climb out of her crib, so the only solution: Switch her out of the crib.

Also, seeing that it is summer and we need to do most of our painting projects now while I am not babysitting and Hubby is home, I felt it was best to get booking on her room switch. We want the smaller of the bedrooms to be the nursery for WHEN we get pregnant (since we are working on it). This switch was not only a pain in the butt, but totally and completely worth it when your daughter looks and you and says, "I so excited Mommy!"

On Monday I took Syd to Lowes and gave her three choices of paint colors. Purple. Green. And Pink. Of course, she picked Pink. Her current bedroom is already pink, so we picked a brighter shade of pink for her "big girl" room.

I spent 3 days painting the bedroom which was a darker blue shade. First it was prime, then the pink, and finally the trim. After I finished the trim today, I started to move the stuff out of the room and move all Sydney's things in. I got the futon bed ready with her new princess comforter, which I bought from a friend.

Tonight will be her first time in her "big girl" bed!! We shall see!!

Here is her nursery room BEFORE the switch

This was AFTER the switch in her "big girl" room

She loves that she has a tv in her room. It only works with VHS tapes, but she loves it!!

It has such a different feel to it. No more baby stuff. With all these changes, I can't help but feel sad. She is growing up so fast. I want to hold onto her forever at this age. Tis life I guess. :(


Staci said...

aww It looks great!! You will have to let me know how the big girl bed goes!!! Great work!

Kelly said...

It looks very similiar to Katie's pink in her room. Very Cute!! I have a bunch of VHS movies that I was getting ready to throw away. Would you like them? (some of them are boyish!) Email me and let me know. I hope she does well in her big girl bed. Katie loved hers.... Good luck!!

Liz said...

The room looks great! What a lucky little girl =)

Sara said...

Love the color! You did a great job painting her room and decorating it.

Cameron said...

It looks great, Lisha. Let us know how she does at night. I bet she loves her new room. Thanks for sharing the pictures. (*That is a hint to Staci who still needs to post her updates like we did!) LOL

Therese said...

Lisha-It looks fabulous!!! Sorry I haven't been around much...this pregnancy is wearing me down...not much longer!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very cute! Good job.

That Girl said...

dont you love having a little girl? I do! The room looks great!!