Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why is it always about food?

After a wonderful day with friends at the park, the kids played outside together on the playground and in the garage with the Barbies. I got a quick nap due to my late night scrapbooking session with my girls, Amy & Tiffany.

We started last night around 9:30 and didn't stop till 3:30 in the morning. It makes it easy since she lives right across the street! I got all of Noah's cub scout camping pages done, and a layout of Syd with her friends at the park. I am pretty happy with them, and once I feel the energy to run and get my camera, I will take and post some pictures of my latest creations.

And tonight I feel accomplished. Hubby helped me rearrange my master bedroom. I have been wanting to put it back to its original position but kept putting it off. A wonderful friend, Mary, got me one of those Vinyl quotes for the wall and where I had the bed placed wasn't working, so we moved it. The saying is up and I love it. It says, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" right above my bed. So thank you Mary for being the most thoughtful person I know! I love it! Also, the nightstand is cleaned off and things are dusted and back into place. I feel revived again. And with all the caulking I did in the master bathroom and the kid's bathroom yesterday, things feel fresh again... I love feeling fresh! *chuckle*

Then, I shampooed the carpets in the front room, the dining room, and the living room. They needed it terribly and I have been putting it off. But with mucho thanks to my lovely dog, Elliott, I got to get yet another thing crossed off my list. He is known for his puking episodes close to grooming time. Not sure if it is his signal to let me know it is time for his spa day or not, but his appointment is now scheduled for Friday! Thank Goodness! (Ignore the lovely crap on the nightstand by the bed, I got that crossed off my list today as well!)

yep that's my Smelliott with Noah. Stinking up the world. Like my Dad says..."He is like an old sock. He doesn't stink till you move him!"

So after the shampooing was done and while Noah watched Star Wars, Syd and I made Rice Krispy treats. I was craving them like mad and the kids LOVE them like they love toys. So a special treat for all of us!! Syd was so darn cute, I started taking pictures left and right and found that I couldnt' stop myself. She made it hard to stop with her cute smiles and silly faces. Then Noah, of course, jumped in and I couldn't get enough of them. Seriously. Is it crazy that I love these little creatures this much?? Well, today anyway. lol.

Hamming it up as usual. They get that from both Hubby and I. We are hams, so we don't expect anything less from our kids!

Well, now that the evening is done, and I have checked in on a few of your blogs, facebook has been stalked, I am going to cuddle into my "fresh" room and read. Thanks to my Mom's recommendation, I am reading Body Surfing by Anita Shreve. It is easy reading!

Night ya'll from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.


Sara said...

Sounds like your household has been very productive! Love the pics of the kids. Enjoy your book and relax!!

Liz said...

Very cute pictures of the kids! They are adorable =) Can't wait to see your layouts!

Staci said...

I can't wait to see you pages!!! The pics of the kids are GREAT as usual! They are too cute! You have been a busy busy girl! This to do list must be shrinking by the second! I hope you enjoyed your book!

Cameron said...

WOW, you have gotten a lot done. You GO GIRL. IT is cleaning day for me..have not dusted since April...I know, right? I bet the carpets look nice. I am so excited that Shane helped you move the bedroom around. I can't wait to see it. You are so sweet with what you wrote on the blog. I would do anything for you in a heartbeat. When I saw that sign, I had to get that for you. I know how much you love that saying.

Cute pics!!!!

Love u.

That Girl said...

cute pics and man have you been a busy girl!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Great pics of the kids! I always feel so much more relaxed when I can cross a few things off my list!

Lisha said...

Thanks ladies. MY kids just make me smile :) I will get my pages posted on FB.