Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

My little man went off to 1st grade today! I can't believe how much he is growing and how fast it is going. He seems like an old pro at this and so confident. A different boy than a year ago. It was hard for me this year because I wasn't able to be there at the bus stop (or any this year) to kiss him and watch him get on. Fortunately, my husband doesn't have students yet in his county, so he went in a little later to help out for Noah's first day. I felt much better knowing that. But it wasn't the same. While Noah was getting ready for school, I was on hall duty in the school and getting my classroom ready for the day. I couldn't stop thinking about him and Sydney.

He just amazes me. In this picture, I tried to snap it as he was coming off the bus, but he took off running and jumped into my arms and said, "Mommy, I had a GREAT day!" I hope he continues to say that everyday and keeps this enthusiasm for school. Because I see how students get when they go to middle school and I am scared that will someday be him. (Although with 2 parents as teachers, it is highly unlikely, because he will be tortured with

I have been back to the "working" mom stage now for 4 complete days and I have such mixed feelings about it all. There are many things I enjoy about being a working mom and many things I miss about staying home. I miss my kids terribly. I know I have no choice with Noah because he is in school. And the only thing I am missing with him is bus pickup at 8:00. I am there when he gets home for drop-off and this year I will be able to take days off to go on field trips. I was never able to do that babysitting and staying home. I had my friends, Mary, Amy & my MIL, help me out for days that I needed to run in and tend to things, but I always felt terrible leaving them with the kids because that was my job. But this year, I can be there to spend that time with Noah.

I feel guilty for not being with my precious Sydney, however, I only did this because I have my friend Amy across the street who I know will take excellent care of my daughter. She also has a 3 year old who is Syd's best friend, so they have someone to play with all day. But I can't help but think about the time I am missing with her. Honestly, though, I have come home these last few days and I am so much more appreciative of the time of have with them. I really, truly, needed this mental break for me. And in the long run I know it is best for them if I am sane. :) I feel like I am a better Mom, more organized, and ready to tackle anything. This year will be good for me.

Tomorrow after school, I have another blood test to check my HCG levels to make sure they are falling to 0. I pray that they are there or almost there. I want my body back to normal, so we ca begin trying again. My husband can't wait for that! ;) However, I am really tired now being a working Mom lol.

My next blog will be about my classroom and what I love about being back. Till then..... keep those blogs coming. I will keep attempting to keep up as long as Hubby lets me have the computer once and awhile!!


Sara said...

Glad to hear that Noah enjoyed his first day of first grade! I hope he keeps that enthusiasm forever.

I'm sure it's normal to experience mixed feelings when returning to work outside of the home. Once you get into the swing of things and establish a routine, I bet you'll feel more confident about the decision. Have a wonderful year!

That Girl said...

aww I'm glad that you are having a semi ok time with going back to work. It sounds like everything really worked out!

Staci said...

Glad to hear everything is going well!!! I love the first day of school pics! I hope his positive feelings toward school last forever... I cannot stand when they lose that enthusiasum! It breaks my heart!!!

Keep me posted about your levels... HUGS!

Cameron said...

The pics are adorable. They are getting so big. I am glad Noah loved his first day back. He looked so happy tonight when I saw him. Keep that 6th period class in line. Don't let them get to you. It will get easier. Change is a good thing and I know you will be happy with the decision you made once you get into the swing of things, like Sara said.

Keep me posted about the levels.


Jess said...

Glad Noah's first day of school went great! First grade is such a fun year!
I'm sure being back to work is hard. But each day hopefully will get better.
I hope your levels have finally gone back to 0 (or close to it).

SupahMommy said...

so glad ot have you back.. those pics were adorable and i'm totally jealous that you went back to work..

lish.. im so proud of you.
you did something for YOU.