Sunday, August 2, 2009


Things are growing around here and it isn't just my kids. Our first vegetable garden is flourishing....well as much as a 8x4 garden can flourish. Noah and I planted everything in our little garden by seed, so he was able to watch everything grow from start to finish.

We planted cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, mini carrots, and Noah stuck a watermelon seed in and forgot to tell us. We had to google it cuz we didn't believe him! We have already harvested our lettuce. I had so much from one plant that I had to share with the neighbors. The other day, Noah and I went out to check the garden and water it and we found that we had a carrot!! Noah shrieked in excitement! We were so excited!
So now we are waiting on the rest!


That Girl said...

we have raised beds too....they were here when we bought the house. This is our 2nd year experimenting and its so much fun! We have pumpkins coming in now and we are a little worried about them making it until Oct. It is great for the kids though, you are right, they love it!!

Staci said...

AWESOME!!!! I hope to have a small garden next year..... I LOVE it! LOVE Noah's pic! He is so proud :) There is NOTHING better than growing your own produce!

Kelley, we have pumpkin seeds that have sprouted in our windowsil, (Anthony did them at camp) I wonder if they were planted too late? I need to get them in the ground PRONTO!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You guys are doing great!

Lisha said...

Get those pumpkins in the ground Staci!! Then you can have pumpkins for October!! WOOHOO!!

Having our own little garden is such fun!! The kids LOVE checking it out. do I :)