Thursday, August 13, 2009


Things have to get back to normal. I can't stand wasting my life away much longer. I have bought groceries once in the past 5 weeks. We are eating out way too much to the point where nothing even sounds good anymore. I desperately need home-made food, time around the dinner table with my family, and normalcy.

So, I vow to you my loyal blog readers....

  • I will buy groceries this weekend.

  • Create my menu plan

  • Feed my children 3 meals a day

  • Get into a regular schedule of early bed time and up by 8 at least! (Considering with this new job I will be getting up by 6 am) EEEKK!!

  • Get things organized quickly

  • Go school shopping
Yes. I will get my life back to normal. I need it. Desperately.

Yesterday, the four of us went to the dentist. Hubby needs to floss, I am good (Still no wisdom teeth coming in, but need braces=no money right now), Noah is cavity free again and xrays showed his big teeth are coming in. So we should be getting ready to finally lose some baby teeth soon! Syd was miserable. I have mentioned before how she LOVES to sleep till 10 or 11 everyday. As you can imagine we waking her at 8:30 to have her teeth probed and tickled was not in her "list of things to do". She kept saying she wanted to leave and play Barbies. I finally bribed her to go in and sit down. The Dental hygienist got 1/2 her teeth cleaned when she decided that she was done. We couldn't get her to open her mouth for nothing! The DH gave Noah a mask, gloves, the sucker thing, and some other items to play "dentist" with her at home. I hope it helps next time!

Then, we went to PA state park yesterday with family. We spent the day chatting, laughing, the kids swam in the lake, ate lunch together, and caught some fish and crayfish. I, however, did not take pictures. I know I know. :( Such a disappointment coming from me!

When we got home, we had a friend from back home waiting for us. Jackie caught up with us, Hubby went to tutor, we played with the kids and got ready to go out till Hubby came home. We headed out for a Girl's Night Out. We sat on the deck of our golf course lounge and chatted, laughed, and caught up. It was a beautiful night! I hope we Moms didn't scare Jackie out of having children someday! You know how Moms can be when you put us together without our kids! lol.

Today, we had routine blood work done. And I napped for like 3 hours. I am still physically exhausted. I am starting to wonder if I am anemic again. I guess I shall find out when the blood work comes back. I have been craving cheeseburgers!!

Hope everyone has fun plans for the upcoming gorgeous weekend! I plan on getting my list completed and visit with family coming in from NJ. Can't wait! I am working to catch up on everyones blogs!!


Sara said...

Routine can be a good thing! Accomplish the items on your list and enjoy your last weekend before returning to work.

Lisha said...

Thank you Sara! I am going to try to do just that!! I do need the routine. This is killing all of us!

That Girl said...

you sound alot better girlie! I hope you have a great weekend full of relaxing things!!!

Cameron said...

How weird...I left you a comment on this awhile ago.....or maybe that was your famous Stonebridge blog. was a fun evening. Beautiful sky, Beautiful people. It is amazing how quickly people can bond and form lasting friendships. I honestly don't know what I would do without all of you. I can always count on all of you no matter what, when, where, or why. LOVE THE PICS!!! Memories forever!