Friday, August 7, 2009

So quiet...

You can tell that summer has the prime time! Blogging has gotten quiet...well at least until school comes back around again. I always love to hear about the upcoming school years for everyone. The new experiences, kindergartners riding the bus for the first time, organizing ideas for the school year, feelings about our kids moving on independently...etc. keep those posts coming as I love to read them!

Things are finally slowing down just in time to speed up again. It will be a quiet weekend around here. Hubby and I were motivated by our neighbors to tear out our storage in our basement and get it organized. We are slowly running out of room in this house. I can't figure out where stuff comes from. That will be Saturday's project and Sunday's project is the laundry room! YIKES! We have a laundry room right by the garage and it has become the "catch all" for everything that no one wants to put away. Hubby promised me we could get it together and organized.

I am feeling so much better today. I have continued walking through all this except on the worst day. I think that has been good to get out and chat with friends as we walk, keep my body moving, and my mind on other things. Emotionally, I am still touchy. Situation A: I had it out with a lady on the phone because she was so cold to me and she has been before in person with me and on the phone. Usually, I would just, with lack of better words "kiss her a**", but I wasn't up to being treated like an uneducated fool, so I was more aggressive than usual, only for my hubby to explain to her that I am going through a lot. I didn't need that excuse because truthfully, she deserved it.
Yeah, I guess I am irritated as well. Situation B: A set of grandparents had their granddaughter in the library today only to ignore her being nasty to my daughter at the puppet area. I politely said, "Sweetie, she doesn't want the curtain in her face." And the grandparents who heard me said nothing. The girl continued to get in my daughter's face and made her cry. I held back purposely knowing how irritated I have been. Something came over me. I stood there and looked at my daughter's face and saw the hurt in her. It felt like I was in another world for about 10 minutes. I couldn't stand it any longer. She just didn't understand why this girl she didn't know was so mean. It killed me to see my little girl' s feelings getting hurt. I payed attention more. I have been doing more of that lately. I guess when things like this happen, we are reminded of the things we have and how much we love and want to protect them. I wanted to say something which I normally wouldn't, so leaving was the only thing I could do.

The whole situation was out of character for me. I would have just worked it out with Sydney and the little girl, but the grandparents lack of discipline irritated me more than usual. I am blessed to have parents who make sure they back me up with my kids. Seeing them ignore this child's bossiness, pushing of the curtain in my daughter's face, nasty voice, and getting in her face, upset me. I know that my emotions are just whacked and my hormones as well. I feel like I am coming down off my wild ride on my roller coaster and plummeting uncontrollably to the ground.

Hubby and my family have been great. My friends are fabulous. My kids are playing well together. But there is still something missing. I know what it is and someday soon it will be filled. Till then, many changes are taking place.

I will fill all you in soon as I take care of some things first.
Thank you all for your support on Jess's blog. I know that she appreciates and loves your support and care. You guys are the best!


Sara said...
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Sara said...

Just take each day as it comes. Can't wait to hear all about the changes!

Jess said...

Just breathe! It has been a month and I still have my moments of out of controlness! I told Todd he probably couldn't wait to leave for 2 weeks and doesn't want to come home. Of course he left and was away for the worse (I hope), because hormones out of control and pmsing is not good!

I do appreciate you sharing your followers! Their comments have been very comforting!

Staci said...

I know what you mean about the blog world being slow... Once school is in and summer ends all us moms will be back inside with more bloggy time on our hands :)

You are doing great! I admire your stength and positivity :) Hugs girl! The time will come :)

supah ~d said...

I leaved you a present on my blog.. come get it. ;)


Anonymous said...

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