Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The waiting game continues...

So here I am waiting.

I went to the Imaging building today for my 2:00 appointment. The technician snapped about 150 pictures using the ultrasound and the internal ultrasound. It was hard for me to understand what he was snapping but it looked blurry and as if it wasn't all cleared out.

The only thing I can imagine at this point is that I will need to schedule a D&C soon. I have learned that I obviously can't "plan" for everything. That is hard for a planner to learn. We were planning on trying again in October. I guess we will be put on hold for December at least.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers.

My first day of work is Friday (I guess) lol. I am waiting to find out if I am "technically" hired yet.


Cameron said...

I am glad your numbers are coming down. I hope the whole D & C can be avoided. Keep us posted next week when you get the new blood work done. Hope your first day back to school was a good one.

That Girl said...

hugs Lisha! I am just catching up on my blogs....Im sorry that this is still going on.