Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still on the blogging train

I haven't fallen off the blogging train, but I am trying to fit my blogging into my life. In order to do this, I need to get my life in order. Truth is, it shouldn't be that bad because the only thing my kids are involved in is Cub Scouts. That is only one night a week. It isn't like I am running here and there every evening, but it sure feels like it. I have no routine right now. I will find my routine. I have to.

The truth is: I am spending an hour each evening to walk 4 miles with my Mommy friends. I will be the fittest chubby girl in my community at this rate. I am being careful by watching what I eat, but nothing is dropping.
Health isn't my thing right now for some reason. Hcg levels were at 97 last week, so they want me back at the end of this week to see if they are EVER going to make it to 0. September the 9th, I ended up in the ER during my workday thanks to a mix between unexplained dizzy spells ALL day long for 3 days till it got to the point where I couldn't walk and thought I was going to hurl. Apparently after stopping at Urgent care to be told I needed a referral from my PCP (what is the point of "Urgent" care anyway?) and 5.5 hours in the ER, I was diagonsed with Vertigo. Or BBPV. Very little info from the ER doctor about it, some from my PCP, and lots of research....I know that I have left lateral BBPV due to fluid in my left ear canal....nice right? Well, lets put it this way, I was a huge waste to society and my home for 5 days straight. I was healthy yet incapable of doing the smallest things. I will NEVER take my balance for granted again. EVER.

On the other hand, I have been doing some fun things the last couple weeks. We went to a WVU game with my family. Had a wonderful time with my Mommy friends! And went camping with my son and the Cub Scouts. I am trying to soak up as much time with my kids as possible in between working and cleaning this house!!
I will be back. I will keep this blog. For me. Especially. Till then....I am off to sleep. I am exhausted!! Miss your blogs and I will keep checking in!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I know right?

Two blogs in the past 2 days?? Impressive huh? I know I amazed myself on this one. However, I should be typing up a vocab quiz instead...but hey..priorities right? *chuckle*

So, a quick little update on my levels. Went to the doctor tonight to have more blood drawn to check. While there, I finally remembered to ask the girl what my levels have been the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago they were 2600 and on the 27th they were almost 800, which she tells me was a dramatic drop within a week. So, we are hoping this week they have dropped to around 100. We hope. I should find out tomorrow when the results come back in the morning and my doctor reads them. Till then. I continue to wait. I am thankful that I have this job to keep my mind busy because if I were home right now I would thinking about how much I want to be pregnant.

Kay enough of the "medical" stuff. I can't let that crap consume let's talk 3 day weekend!! I am pumped. Nothing exciting planned. Just get caught up. Mom's Night Out on Friday night and catch up on laundry. Doing some walking with friends. That's about it. And I love the idea of it! Which means I only have to teach 4 days next week!! I only have to pack 4 lunches next week. Fill out 4 days of lesson plans. Wake up early 4 mornings. I LOVE it.

Till then....enjoy your Friday!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gotta get all into one.

Do you know what the hardest part is about going back to work? My blogging time. I miss this and still very much need it. I thought I would be okay doing like one post a week or every 2, but I'm not. I need to post at least every couple days. *I apologize because this maybe quite lengthy as I have been holding out*

So, I need a plan. I may have to delete my Farmville time and blog instead. I finally caught up on some people's most recent blogs with a few to still read. I am the type of person who likes to know what is going on...or I feel left out. I never liked being the first person to fall asleep at sleepovers cuz I was afraid I would miss something. I didn't like bedtime cuz I thought my parents would have a party without me. I loved being at school events cuz something drama might happen and I would miss it all. So, as you can imagine.... not making the time to be on blogger or FB is killing me.

Work is going wonderfully. I am so blessed to have gotten to stay home for 3 years with my kids. Many people don't get that option, as they should....and I did. I am so grateful for that. But....I have to say, my mind was going. I couldn't think. I couldn't talk right. The whole "Use it or Lose it" quote came to mind. And I was losing it.

Mentally, I needed this. The think I was mentally ready for another year at home knowing I was going to have a baby. I would babysit, work online, and tutor to help out, but once the miscarriage happened, I no longer felt like I was mentally ready to do it. This opportunity to take over a good friend's classroom for the year was just the mental break I needed. It was nice falling right back into place with most of the same people I worked with there 3 years ago and knowing the building, the administration, and faculty really helped me get settled right in as if I never left.

It was funny cuz when I first walked into her classroom, I just stood there. I stared. I froze. Like I didn't know what to do with this huge classroom with empty bookshelves and desks. That moment, I questioned if I could really do this. Did I really forget how to teach?
But once I got rolling, found all the textbooks and novels, started putting the classroom together, I began feeling confident once again. I got things situated the way I like to keep things. Prepared for orientation night, for the first day, and the first week. I was ready for the world.

Something in me sparked. Like I was a first-year teacher. I had the motivation and spunk of the first-year, but the experience of an older, used teacher. I was finally convinced that this was what I needed. It was like riding a bicycle. I just didn't forget.
Parent orientation went well. As usual. I was confident but explained that I, too, was a parent so I understood what it was like. I explained how important communication is to me, etc. etc.

First day: I was reminded once again what it is like to teach in a middle school. You constantly yell: Right side of the hall way, keep your hands and feet to yourselves, throw your gum away, WALK! (you get the picture right?)

Classes were wonderful. They listened, they took my Interest Inventory which didn't surprise me when they all wrote that they hated reading. (Well, all as in all the boys...a few girls liked it). Typical. They do have learning disabilities. I dislike things I am not good at too.

So let's put it this way. I pray that I can keep the motivation and interest with these kids as I have now. Day 7 of school and they are so sparked and interested as I am with teaching them reading. (You see...language was my cup of tea 3 years ago, so this is a little bit of a change and I am liking it.) I hope I am still saying this on Day 150 of the school year.
My classroom for the year. Amy C, I hope you approve :)

In a nut shell...I am loving being back to work because:

1. I love having my own mailbox in the office: I love this. I am such a dork. I love to go check my mailbox like 4 or 5 times a day. And when it is empty, I'm sad. I want something....not something to do...but something. I am so weird. But I finally appreciate having my own mailbox.

2. I get to drive in the car alone: This is fabulous. Although I made it 15 mins (almost to work) with the music cranked and singing loudly till I realized that I was singing to my son's Kidz Bop CD. Yes, we have touched on this. I am a dork. However, the other days I got to listen to trashy radio shows and my music turned up so loud that the people in the back would blow an eardrum.

3. I have my own desk: My own little cozy spot. Where no one moves my stuff, hides it in other areas (my hubby), breaks my things (my kids), and its all mine. :) I can put things where I want them. I can rearrange them anytime. My germs. My desk. Love it. (Yes. I know. I am a dork.)

4. I have super students: They are entertaining and fabulous. I love it. They challenge. I love it more. Because I will find a way to help them learn and to make them want to learn. This excites me. Again. I love it.

5. I love to visit the cooks and custodians: Dude. They are my favorite people EVA! They make me laugh and keep my spirits up. Seriously, where I am working, they are amazing people.
6. I love coming home to my kids and house: I appreciate it again. When you are always home and always with your kids, you tend to take them for granted. Being away helps me value my time with them that much more. I miss them, but I feel like when I get home I am more all about them

Okay enough about teaching: Here are some pictures of the last couple weeks of our lives:

Noah lost his first then second tooth!! :)

And we went fishing with friends!!

Noah is doing fabulous in first grade. He loves his new teacher and brags that he is ever going to flip his tag or get a red slip this year EVER! He better not EVER lol.

Syd is doing well going to my friend's each and every day. She likes being a big girl. She tells us daily that someday she will be big and ride the bus like Woah (Noah) but she is little. (in her oh-so-cute "little" speech problem) :)

Hubby is back to work with his 20 work days before the kids come after Labor Day. This is a big change for him because he is back to helping out more around the house and taking more responsibility for the kids. I like it. I like it A LOT. Him....probably not so much. Oh well.

So, I have rambled enough. Need to sleep.