Thursday, September 3, 2009

I know right?

Two blogs in the past 2 days?? Impressive huh? I know I amazed myself on this one. However, I should be typing up a vocab quiz instead...but hey..priorities right? *chuckle*

So, a quick little update on my levels. Went to the doctor tonight to have more blood drawn to check. While there, I finally remembered to ask the girl what my levels have been the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago they were 2600 and on the 27th they were almost 800, which she tells me was a dramatic drop within a week. So, we are hoping this week they have dropped to around 100. We hope. I should find out tomorrow when the results come back in the morning and my doctor reads them. Till then. I continue to wait. I am thankful that I have this job to keep my mind busy because if I were home right now I would thinking about how much I want to be pregnant.

Kay enough of the "medical" stuff. I can't let that crap consume let's talk 3 day weekend!! I am pumped. Nothing exciting planned. Just get caught up. Mom's Night Out on Friday night and catch up on laundry. Doing some walking with friends. That's about it. And I love the idea of it! Which means I only have to teach 4 days next week!! I only have to pack 4 lunches next week. Fill out 4 days of lesson plans. Wake up early 4 mornings. I LOVE it.

Till then....enjoy your Friday!!!


Staci said...

Jason is actually home this weekend! YAY!! So I am looking forward to it too!

Sara said...

I am impressed! I'm canning spaghetti sauce and pepper jelly this weekend. Enjoy your long weekend! :)

Cameron said...

Meant to comment on your last the classroom pics. It looks so nice. It is always nice to have your own "space".

Long weekends rock. I hope you get to sleep in and enjoy it!

Wish I could have sat on the porch with everyone this past Friday at DK. C.H.E.M.O sucks! Missed all of you though. Hopefully, next time. Hope you took some pics of it for our mom's blog. Can't wait to see it.

We need to get together soon. Miss ya, girl.

SupahMommy said...

shaweeet... i miss your blogs.

give hugs to that mary.

come visit us soon

Amy said...

Still thinking about you! And your classroom looks fabulous!