Monday, October 12, 2009


I am sitting here with an overwhelming anxiety while writing this post. It has been way too long and there has been a lot going on.

For one, I miss your blogs, I miss my blog, and I miss touching base with my new blogger friends I have met...I think about what you are doing Check Spellingconstantly and am having a very difficult time sitting down at the computer to catch up. This is rough.... I worked for 6 years teaching while I had my son Noah and always being a working Mom and going to staying home was an easy adjustment. But going from staying home back to being a working mom of 2 is not so much. I have adjusted nicely into my job, feel very confident with what I am doing, but finding the time after school till bedtime to spend time with my kids and do the dreaded housework is the worst part.

I really need to just let the housework go till the weekends, but always trying to keep my house tidy staying home has spoiled I can't leave the house in the morning a mess and come home to it a mess. I will adjust in time I am sure...or hire a maid!!

The kids are doing well. Noah is doing awesome in 1st grade. He has lost his 2 bottom teeth, which were his first 2 baby teeth!! What an emotional time for Mommy!! He is doing so well at school with his perfect scores on spelling, reading, and math. I am proud :)

Sydney is staying with a SUPER friend of mine and is loving it. I don't know what I would do without my girl, Amy. She is watching my daughter during the day, and putting my son on the bus in the morning. She is God-sent!! Syd adjusted wonderfully to all this mainly because they are family to us. So thank goodness for that!

Hubby is teaching away, playing poker, and going to Vegas over Halloween!! I am so excited for him. I really hope he does well and goes far with it! He really enjoys playing and has gotten pretty good at it.

I, besides being overwhelmed, am loving having a paycheck!! I celebrate in the office each time I get one!! It feels great! We have been saving to do our floors that are well overdo!! I am so excited to have them done!!

I went again today for yet another blood test. My levels were lingering at 27 two weeks ago, so hopefully they are to 0 by now...gosh it feels like I have been going through this forever!
So life is good, just busy!!
I miss you all.