Monday, October 12, 2009


I am sitting here with an overwhelming anxiety while writing this post. It has been way too long and there has been a lot going on.

For one, I miss your blogs, I miss my blog, and I miss touching base with my new blogger friends I have met...I think about what you are doing Check Spellingconstantly and am having a very difficult time sitting down at the computer to catch up. This is rough.... I worked for 6 years teaching while I had my son Noah and always being a working Mom and going to staying home was an easy adjustment. But going from staying home back to being a working mom of 2 is not so much. I have adjusted nicely into my job, feel very confident with what I am doing, but finding the time after school till bedtime to spend time with my kids and do the dreaded housework is the worst part.

I really need to just let the housework go till the weekends, but always trying to keep my house tidy staying home has spoiled I can't leave the house in the morning a mess and come home to it a mess. I will adjust in time I am sure...or hire a maid!!

The kids are doing well. Noah is doing awesome in 1st grade. He has lost his 2 bottom teeth, which were his first 2 baby teeth!! What an emotional time for Mommy!! He is doing so well at school with his perfect scores on spelling, reading, and math. I am proud :)

Sydney is staying with a SUPER friend of mine and is loving it. I don't know what I would do without my girl, Amy. She is watching my daughter during the day, and putting my son on the bus in the morning. She is God-sent!! Syd adjusted wonderfully to all this mainly because they are family to us. So thank goodness for that!

Hubby is teaching away, playing poker, and going to Vegas over Halloween!! I am so excited for him. I really hope he does well and goes far with it! He really enjoys playing and has gotten pretty good at it.

I, besides being overwhelmed, am loving having a paycheck!! I celebrate in the office each time I get one!! It feels great! We have been saving to do our floors that are well overdo!! I am so excited to have them done!!

I went again today for yet another blood test. My levels were lingering at 27 two weeks ago, so hopefully they are to 0 by now...gosh it feels like I have been going through this forever!
So life is good, just busy!!
I miss you all.


Staci said...

we miss you too girl!!! I am sure the adjustment is difficult, but you seem so happy (not that you weren't before KWIM?!?) I am proud of Noah too! He is doing great! Syd is such a little princess! I am glad she has transitioned so easy! Just BREATH! You will fall into a routine EVENTUALLY! I am still waiting to get into one.... It just takes time :)

Seriously, I mean this. Life will be SO much easier.... Get a cleaning lady! You deserve it! Its ALOT less than you think too! We had one when I worked and went to school full time and it made life so much easier and less stressful! You don't want to waste the little time you have cleaning!!! I mean it get one! Even if its bi-weekly! I wish I could sell the thought to Jason again, but alas I have no "real" excuse! lol

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad you had a chance to check in! Sounds like things are good, but hectic, for you! It takes me forever to get used to a different routine, so just give that time.

Therese said...

Lisha-just take one day at time! We will be here when you are!

Cameron said...

Just getting around to reading this...sorry.

You are doing great. I am proud of you for taking the plunge and things will get easier in time. Celebrate the checks and treat yourself to some floors. You deserve it.

I agree, the mess is just that, a mess. And don't let it get in the way of the hours in the evening spending time with your family. It is not worth it...remember, don't sweat the small stuff, it is just that!

SUPER DUPER proud of Noah and knew that Sydney would adjust quickly (if she even needed to adjust) since she sees Amy all the time. Definitely makes it easier.

We miss seeing you but know how life can get in the way.

SupahMommy said...

busy busy
you deserve a cleaning lady

remember the days of cleaning ladies

oh .. good times.

gooo noah..
gooo sydney

yahh for amy


That Girl said...

I am having a horrible time adjusting to being at home all the time. lol I miss working sooo much! Its all about routine and what you are used to. You will find your way soon and everything will be comfortable in no time.