Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home Improvement 2009

Today I broke up my routine of the same old thing.....get up, take the kids to the neighbors, go to work, come home, get Sydney, go to the bus stop to pick up Noah, do homework with Noah, throw in a load of laundry, do the dishes, make dinner, eat, clean up dinner, clean something, spend time with the kids, bath kids, put Noah to bed, pack lunches, get on FB, and then off to bed. Then on Tuesdays, throw in dance class for Sydney and on Thursdays, throw in Cub Scouts for Noah. Then hubby is gone every night by Sunday and Friday for basically, I was tired of routine. I took off today to do just routine. I put Noah on the bus and Syd and I laid on the couch for a couple hours just chatting and cuddling and watching cartoons. Now that has a ring to it....Chatting, cuddling, and cartoons :) Even when I was home, days like this didn't exist, so I was very appreciative to just have the day with Sydney.

I originally took off because I was run down from Thanksgiving break and Syd has been fighting a cold, but after we rested all morning we headed out for lunch and shopping at Target. It was a nice afternoon :) I love that she brings out the things about me that make me ME. I tend to push that aside to do the "routine" things, but when I am with Sydney, she allows me to be me. It is very nice to do that once and awhile.

Besides the same old, same old, Hubby and I decided to save money to do laminate floors and tile in our house. Our house is going on 8 years old and the carpet was shot, so we saved the money to accomplish our goal: New floors!!!

The Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving, my Mom, Dad, and little bro came down to help with floors. It was a LONG, exhausting job, but the hard work is showing. I am amazed at how much the floors have changed the look of my house. It is giving the look I am going for...simple, clean, and up-to-date :) My Dad work so hard putting in tile in our kitchen, and he did an awesome job. He is the tile master!!! I bow to him....his abilities amaze me everyday. I am also very proud my husband. He never really did much with his hands growing up (except feeding animals and such), so he never really learned how to do a lot, and while doing these floors, he learned how to run the saw, cut the flooring, and lay the flooring. That is about as far as it goes though, because life kicked in after "routine" started once again. That left me to do the floors. Monday I laid 50 square feet by myself and Tuesday I laid another 25 square feet. I am learning and very proud of myself :)

We still have half the house on the main floor to do, but I figure living on subfloors isn't as bad as how some people live, so we will get there someday!!

Here are some before pictures and some after pictures and a few to make you chuckle :)

So, I tried to take a full after shot but I can't find my camera cord after the moving of furniture, so you will have to visualize! lol....

The Family room BEFORE:

And after the new floors and new television (as the one pictured was replaced due to a melted cord and sparks). Next furniture!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Now for the pictures to make you chuckle.....gosh if my Dad knew I was doing this......

Like Pappy like granddaughter

That just made me laugh so hard....the showing of the butt crack runs in the family!!
Here are some updated pictures of the kids.


Sara said... I've missed reading your blog posts! Congrats on the new floors and saving up for them instead of living like many Americans and buying things you can't afford. I'm so proud of you! What a difference the new floors make. Enjoy them because they are well deserved.

Cameron said...

Everything looks great. I agree with Sara, it is the best way to buy and not owe anything. Cary and I saved for almost 2 years for our kitchen and bathroom floors and the new carpet downstairs and it is such a great feeling not owing anything. Your dad is going to kill u when he sees his buttcrack....LOL Glad you took a day for yourself and you enjoyed it.

Sherry said...

The floors look great Alisha. You're a brave girl laying the flooring yourself. I'd never tackle that one. lol I've so missed you blogging. It's good to hear from you.

Staci said...

woohoo! It all looks great! Loving the plumbers cracks :) It is a HUGE difference! :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think you have the same porcelain tile we have in our kitchen (and bathrooms), although we had contractors do the dirty work....We're clueless. So, good for you all, doing it yourselves! Yay!

custom cabinets said...

Pretty nice post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really liked reading your posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

That Girl said...

great job on the floors and staying out of debt to get them! It really is the best way to go!!

I have missed reading your posts too.

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