Friday, January 29, 2010

Pinewood Derby Race

Noah had his first Pinewood Derby Race for Cub Scouts on Thursday night. At first he wasn't very excited when given a block of wood and some wheels. He has never seen a Derby race or heard of it, so he didn't know what to expect.

After cutting it out, he still wasn't interested.

He painted it, but now it was a painted cut out piece of wood.

Then we added the decals and the wheels. Then finally, he saw the end product he was so excited! He practiced racing it through the house and talked about the race.

It became real when we got to the meeting and saw the track set up. He was so excited. I am proud to report even though we didn't have the best car there, it wasn't the worse. We didn't even come in last place, but were eliminated pretty quickly lol. And we made it across the finish line!!! But he didn't care because at the precious age of 6, he was proud to just get the ribbon!

Here are some pictures:

Picture with the cub master, his car, and ribbon!!
Noah's car is the second one in from the right. GO NOAH!! VROOOOOMMMM VROOM!!!

Go Noah!!!!!!!!!!!


That Girl said...

hey I made it over!
lol at now it being a painted piece of wood. Glad he liked the end product.
have a great weekend!!

Casey (EcOnomical Mom/ Cre8ivaT) said...

Congrats to Noah!! Great job on the car!