Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer 2010 is here!

Summer has begun in our household and this will be a much better summer than last year!

Since my last post, so much has happened and frankly I don't want to waste your time filling you in so I will start right here, today.

Syd is picking on her brother, who is trying to play with his Star Wars toys and he is constantly yelling, "SYDNEY!" at the top of his lungs. I am hiding upstairs in my bedroom with my dog and my laptop.
Today started out pretty well, I got the kids ready for the day, went to Syd's Pre K screening, went to the recycyling center with a car load, and took the kids to the bookstore. We came home around 12:00 and I thought it was going that silence? That could only mean one of two things....they are getting along or they are doing something they shouldn't be doing. I will go with the latter of the two.

But then bad could it be?

This school year went well. I had a great time starting over with my old school. I fell right back into place. For the most part things didn't change much. The special education part did a bit with IEPS and what not, but I caught back on. I had a fabulous year and it was such a wonderful feeling having that everyday thing for myself again. I felt like I was a better Mom the moments I was home with my own kids. I have also starting utilizing my time better. Still as forgetful as ever of course. The Mommy disease has hit me full force working full time again.
However, I won't be returning next school year to my old school. :( My husband and I have been through a lot this winter and spring and we decided that the best thing we can do for our family would be for me to work full time again. I need it for myself and the money will be nice. Noah is going into second grade and Syd is starting Pre-K, so there isn't much for me to be home anymore except maybe losing my mind. I got a new job for the fall and I am pretty excited about it. I am going to an elementary school in the same county. It will be fun to change it up a bit. It is a little shorter of a drive and I know a couple people already there, so I am pretty pumped. I will miss everyone this year at the old school, but I might be back...I seem to always come back ;)

In other news:
Noah had a great year in first grade. He ended the school year with straight A's for the entire year. We are so proud of his accomplisments! He is such a good boy. Noah turned 7 in April and had his birthday party with 7 of his closest friends at the movie theater. They saw, "How to Train Your Dragon". He is taking a break from Cub Scouts for the summer because we are going to be constantly running here and there and he is beginning basketball this Saturday. I just can't put him on overload any longer. He complains that he doesn't have time to just play, and I think that is more important at age 7 than being in 3,000 activities. So, he is excited about basketball and swimming in the pool all summer!

Sydney loved being at my neighbor's house for the school year. Her BFF and she played and played their hearts away. She is growing up so fast! I just took her to that Pre-K appointment and she didn't want to leave! She said, "I am going to school. You can go now Mommy!" I think she was a little disappointed when I told her it would be a few months till it is time for school. She had her first dance recital this past May. She also turned 4 in May and had her birthday party at the recreation center in the open gym area. She loved it!!

Cheers to a great summer with family and friends!
Looking forward to a better 2010!


Courtney said...

Woohoo!! I've missed you!! I can't wait to read all about your fabulous summer adventures!

Sherry said...

Sounds like your summer is off to a great start. Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures.

Staci said...

summer is here! HOORAY! I am sure I will be seeing you at the pool... A LOT! My kids actually like it this year :)

Amy said...

Sounds like you all are having a great summer so far!! But I was sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother - I've been thinking about you and her and your family. Sydney's dance pictures are beautiful, and hearing about Star War's toys reminds me of Nicholas. Our sons definitely take after their fathers!


looks like we both came back at the same time. i needed the break but I am glad to be coming back... I think. Welcome back!