Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm back for summer!

Where has time gone?

I can't believe it has been so long since I have written on here and I didn't realize how much I have missed it.

Well....I am going to have this baby!! I can't believe it! I am a few days from 38 weeks and I am scheduled to have our little girl on July 4th.

Syd and Noah have been having a wonderful summer so far with trips to see their grandparents, their new baby cousin, Adrian, vacation to Myrtle Beach, and of course afternoons at the community pool.

I am pretty happy with how much I have kept up even though I feel HUGE! But I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible, as it is going to be our last.

Shane and I just celebrated our 11 year anniversary yesterday. I can't believe how fast it has gone! We have grown together and everyday I fall more and more in love with him. He is my life. My best friend.

I will keep up as much as possible the next few months :) I am really going to try! :)